High vaccum fittings and special components

High vaccum fittings and components

Standard of excellence

A.M.C. Vacuum Solutions specialises in the design and supply of vacuum fittings:
- Regular
- Average
- High
The quality of its production processes and professionalism of the staff ensure the achievement of standards of excellence, with a range of offers always constantly updated in order to respond to the changing needs of the vacuum industry.
Able to withstand high vacuum
The fittings indicated in the catalogue are designed to withstand the stress of ultra-high vacuum: the use of stainless steel of the highest quality and exclusive and patented design by this Novara-based company can offer a more innovative response to the needs of the industry.
All high vacuum fittings and components present in the market have an adequate thickness and external physical and mechanical characteristics that ensure outstanding performance: the technical staff of the company stands at your disposal for ad hoc private consultations too, quickly identifying the products which can better optimise the investments and timelines.

Our offer

we offer:
- Pumps and vacuum pumps units (liquid ring, oil sealed, roots, diffusion, diaphragm)
- Pumps and pump units for transferring liquids under vacuum
- Manual and automatic valves for vacuum and liquids
- Filters for liquids under vacuum
- Special executions with corrosion-proof, non-stick and abrasion-proof coatings
- Fittings and accessories for vacuum tightness
- Mechanical and electronic gauges for vacuum and pressure measurement
- Electronic devices for special applications
- Components and systems for special applications
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