Degassing of insulating liquids, treatment and impregnation of electric machines (coils, transformers, capacitors, etc.)

Degassing of insulating liquids


• Perfect degassing of insulating liquids in large surface thin film under high vacuum.
• Perfect maintenance of degassed liquid under high vacuum.
• Perfect drying under vacuum of the active parts before impregnation,
• Pre-heating of the active parts in special ovens at atmospheric pressure.
• Strict uniformity of temperature obtained using special, indirect heating systems.
• Heating of the active parts also using low frequency power supply system.
• Perfect impregnation under high vacuum.
• Absolutely clean process without any leakage or environmental pollution.
• Fully automatic process execution.
• Certification of the entire process.


• Degassing of insulating liquids for all types of electric machines.
• Drying of transformers, capacitors, electric motors and of every type of electric machines.
• Automatic filling of transformers, capacitors and of every type of electrical equipment
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