Degassing and filling of liquids for hydraulic circuits (brakes, clutches, etc.).

Degassing and filling of liquids for hydraulic circuits


• Perfect degassing of liquids in a large surface thin film under high vacuum.

• Perfect maintenance of degassed liquid under high vacuum.

• Strict control of circuit vacuum and pressure tightness.

• Perfect filling also of brake circuits equipped with ABS.

• Automatic adjustment of liquid level at the end of filling with total recovery of the excess liquid.

• Absolutely clean process without any leakage or environmental pollution.

• Fully automatic process execution.

• Certification of the entire process.

• Key components of the plant are fixed.

• Mobile components are limited only to the devices related to filling and process control.


• Automatic filling of brake and clutch circuits of motorcycles, auto-mobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles

• Automatic filling of hydraulic circuits of aircraft control devices

• Automatic filling of special hydraulic circuits

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